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Revised 2/22/2010

Rental Terms/Policies

Please remember that when we put you on the calendar we start turning other prospective renters away from the time you have reserved.  Ultimately we can not absorb your losses if you cancel regardless of your reason.  When that happens we both lose.  Lastly, let me just say we try to be as fair as possible in our dealings with you but have in the past absorbed many losses so unfortunately we have to have these policies to protect ourselves and we will adhere to them.

1.   Cancellation policy:

2. owners (hereafter referred to as we, our or I) have a first come first served policy for reservations.  In other words he who pays, completes the verification process and answers any other queries first.

3.  We collect two different types of deposits.  The first being a deposit paid at the time of the reservation which is applied to the rent.  The second deposit collected is a security deposit which varies depending on the number of weeks rented and the number of pets in your party, that is returned if there has been no damages, losses, extra cleaning or other expenses and all things are in order.

4.  Full payment or deposits on the rent are collected when the reservation is made.  (See clause 5 for balance payment timeframes.)

5.  The length of time we will hold a time slot until payment arrives is generally a week but is ultimately at our discretion.

6.  Payment terms for multiple weeks rented.   (Deposits for reservations are due at the time of the reservation)

  • If renting two weeks
  •   Two months prior to arrival 1/2 of the balance is due.
  •     (If you are reserving within this period from 1-2 months then the above amount is also due and I will send a request for payment)
  •   One month prior to arrival the remaining (1/2) of the original balance is due and then you will be paid in full.
  •     (If you are reserving within 1 month of your arrival date then the rental must be paid in full at the time of reservation)
  • If you are renting three weeks
  •   Three months prior to arrival 1/3 of the balance is due
  •     (If you are reserving within this period from 2-3 months then the above amount is also due and I will send a request for payment)
  •   Two months prior to arrival 1/3 of the original balance is due.
  •     (If you are reserving within this period from 1-2 months then the above amounts (2/3 of the original balance) are also due and I will send a request for payment)
  •   One month prior to arrival the remaining (1/3) of the original balance is due and then you will be paid in full.
  •     (If you are reserving within 1 month of your arrival then the rental must be paid in full at the time of reservation)
  • Payment dates made simple:
  •   If you rent 1 week and you are arriving on say August 3rd then your full balance will be due July 3rd.
  •   If you had rented 2 weeks then the first installment of your remaining balance (1/2) will be on June 3rd.  Finally the last installment of the remainder of your balance will be due July 3rd.
  •   Likewise if you had rented 3 weeks then first installment of your remaining balance (1/3) will be due May 3rd, the second installment on your balance (1/3 of the original balance) will be due on June 3rd and the last installment of the remainder of your balance will be due on July 3rd.
Payment requests are due within seven days of being sent.  Not receiving an email request for payment will not be an acceptable excuse for non-payment.  You are responsible for remembering your payment due dates.  The email requests sent out are solely a courtesy reminder.
In the case of any payments that are overdue:  Your reservation will be considered and handled as a tenant cancellation.

7.  Posted occupancy is interpreted strictly.  In the case that we believe you have an undeclared pet or person there will be and additional rental fee and you agree to pay the next higher rate or an additional fee that we consider reasonable which will be retained from the security deposit.  In addition, if you received a lesser than posted rate or in the case of a non-posted daily rate.  That discounted rate or agreement will be void at our discretion and you agree to pay the next higher rate or an additional fee that we consider reasonable.  Reasonable per person over maximum capacity fees are as follows:
  • Schoodic Apartment over capacity fee:  $100.00 per person/pet.
  • Winter Harbor Apartment over capacity fee:  $100.00 per person/pet.
  • Schoodic Point Cottage over capacity fee:  $150.00 per person/pet.
  • Settlers House over capacity fee:  $200.00 per person/pet.
  • Guptill Cottage, Captain Guptill House & the Boat House over capacity fees are:   $300.00 per person/pet.
8.  A late check-out fee of a days rent and applicable tax may be charged at our discretion for late check-outs.

9.  Any amounts paid by you for rent, other, taxes or security deposit are applied in that order without exception regardless of what you think may or may not have been said.

10.  Any refund at any time shall be minus any fees or losses we have incurred including any fees from Paypal or other institutions.

11.  No other clause in these policies shall relieve the renters of further responsibility for damages or losses incurred costing in excess of the security deposit retained.  You agree to pay all our legal fees and associated expenses related to collecting money from you for additional rents, fees , fines, cleaning expense, damages and losses of any type.

12.  The tenant shall cause no damage, nuisance, disturbance or unsanitary condition of any kind and will maintain the unit/premises (herein after referred to as premises alone) in the clean orderly state in which the tenant received them.  The tenant will not dispose of any waste or rubbish onto any portion of the premises except in proper receptacles designated for that purpose.  Tenant shall not leave food inside or outside in such a way that it may attract insects or animals. The tenant shall be respectful and considerate of other guests or occupants on the premises.  Tenant shall follow all reasonable requests, rules and instructions the landlord sets forth.  If the landlord in his sole authority determines that the tenant is in breach of this clause or the spirit of this clause the tenant will be asked to and agrees leave and vacate the premises immediately.  The rent the tenant has paid already shall be non- refundable except for time that is re-rented to others.

13.  Damage, losses including utilities or especially if there is a need for excessive cleaning will be hereafter referred to collectively as damages.  Our cleaning rate is $25/hour.  *For those damages that owners choose to do themselves the hourly rate for repairs you will pay is $40/hour.*

Special note on dog hair in the bedding:   We love dogs but dog hair in the beding is above and beyond routine normal cleaning because it can be very tedious and time consuming to get out of bedding.  We will handle dog hair in the bedding in a manner that is easiest for us.  For example: if our best guess is that picking the hairs out of a blanket may be near the cost of a new blanket then we will purchase a new blanket and deduct the cost of it from your security deposit.  You are welcome to the sheets, blankets or comforter (sets) if you notify us in a timely manner and we will mail it to you for the cost of packaging and shipping plus a handling fee if appropriate.  If we are not notified in a timely manner the items will be disposed of.

 All or a portion of the normally refundable security deposit may be retained in the case of there being damage to the premises and you agree to pay any additional sums that your security deposit does not cover.  You agree that in this matter that we are not subject to negotiation, dickering or arbitration.  You agree to leave this assessment of damages and costs of said damages to our judgement solely and accept our assessment as absolute fact.  Once you have been notified that there are damages of any kind you agree that you will pay said damages within 30 days.  There shall be a 30 day grace period for payment of the debt.  After 30 days interest on the debt will accrue at the highest rate allowable by law until fully paid off.  You agree that such damages, legal expenses and any other additional expenses of any kind that we may incur including expenses related to collecting said monies from you will be paid promptly by yourself without delay.  These miscellaneous expenses, legal and other will be added to the existing debt amount 30 days after they are incurred and interest will continue to accrue on the newly revised debt amount.
 You further agree that you have no legal remedy or recourse to anything stated in this clause.

14.  Changes to any of the above clauses are subject to specific written contract signed by both parties.

15.  You agree that ignorance of these posted policies is no excuse and does not diminish your responsibility and liability.

16.  In the case of there being confusion or ambiguity as to the interpretation of any of the terms herein.  Our interpretation of the terms will prevail.

17.  In the event that we do show leniency by not enforcing a clause(s) here within, our action(s) shall in no event obligate us to repeat said or similar action(s) or invalidate the clause(s) or any other clause(s) in these terms.  You the tenant remain bound by and are subject to these terms.

18.  Unenforceability or invalidity of any sentence, part or the entirety of one or more clauses in this Agreement shall not have any impact on the enforceability or validity of any other clause in this Agreement. If it is possible, any unenforceable or invalid clause in this Agreement shall be modified to reflect the original intention.  If it cannot be modified to show the original intention, any unenforceable or invalid clause in this Agreement shall be regarded as removed to the extent of its unenforceability and invalidity and be stricken while the remainder of this Agreement shall continue to be in full effect.

19.  By reserving/renting you agree to these terms individually and in their entirety.

20.  These terms are subject to change without notice.

Effective: Now